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Clubs in Brooklyn

Dancehall Madness[Club Edition] NYC

Don’t Bother Knocking If The Joint’s Hopping

Brooklyn Nightlife

Manhattan is doing great but for the first time in a very long time you can spend your entire vacation on the far side of the East River in New York at the clubs in Brooklyn. You won’t even feel as though you’re missing out on anything. With this in mind, here’s some suggestions for you in regards to exploring wonderful bars, great bowling alleys and luxurious hotel rooms.

Last Call: 4AM But No Bouncers Around To Bounce You Out

Brooklyn’s buyback is alive and kicking. There aren’t any VIP rooms available upstairs and the “bottle service” means that your whiskey will be promptly refilled. This is boozing at its finest.

The Radegast Hall and the Biergarten — Both in Williamsburg

Sit down at what seems to be an endless table and before you know it you’ll have a huge mug of German beer being served to you by a barmaid. By the time you’re on your third beer you’ll be drowning yourself in the house’s bratwurst, which is topped with kraut.

The Commodore — Also In Williamsburg

Starting at about 7PM you’ll find a lot of local folks quietly tucked away in booths where they’re enjoying crispy fried chicken and spicy fish sandwiches. Give them a few hours though because then they’ll be dancing on the tables.

Another Of Williamsburg’s Finest: The Maracujá

Serving Brazilian-style empanadas and Michter’s single barrel rye in your Manhattan, they’re dancing on the pool table and downing pints while being loud.

The Saint Vitus Bar in Greenpoint

This is a great metal bar that offers cheap beer, reclaimed décor and awesome pulled pork. There’s also a stage in the back where you can catch Motörhead without worrying about getting a pool cue in your face.

The Hot Bird in Clinton Hill

While this may sound like a British strip club, it’s actually a bar that was built within an old gas station. The laid back atmosphere with picnic tables on the patio and glazed brick walls on the inside is a great place to enjoy a beer.

Sunny’s Bar in Red Hook

Everyone seems to make their way here to pay homage to Sunny, the great-grandfather of this place, which was established in 1890. On Saturday nights there’s an open bluegrass jam whereby everyone plays an instrument.

Daddy’s in Williamsburg

Daddy’s is occupied by Brooklyn musicians and girls who are in love with them. This little vortex can be dangerous because you walk in and order a Margaveza (a pint glass of beer topped off with a frozen margarita) and before you know it, it’s 4AM. Nevertheless, you have to admit that this place rocks. Brooklyn’s music venues aren’t better than any of the others in the city but there are lots of great acts here. It’s great to see them all on your home turf where they may stretch on for an extra hour and the lead singer is genuinely glad to be there.

Brooklyn NightlifeThe Bell House in Gowanus

The finest steak house since 1920 is a cavernous hall that’s decorated with chandeliers and buffalo pictures. Here you’ll find everything from indie acts (i.e. Beach House and Jonathan Richman) to taxidermy contests going on while you enjoy a steak dinner. In the Frontier Room you’ll enjoy music and cocktails with their specialty being Teaches of Peaches (sweet, yet rough, vodka concoction).

The Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg

Here’s a renovated warehouse where are meets reality. You don’t want to call this one of the nightclubs in NYC or you’d be missing out on some great headliners. On the balcony you may even spot some celebs.

Cocktail Land Offers Shaken Adventures

The epicenter of the classic cocktail movement has to be Brooklyn. However, it’s quickly spread from there because retro bros have dared to push mixology’s limits. Going to one of Brooklyn’s cocktail joints really well give you the same thrill as if you were to go to your favorite restaurant. You’ll find that you trust the place enough to try something different, knowing that it will be great.

The Carondelet at Maison Premiere in Williamsburg

Take a seat at the beautiful, white marble bar and enjoy sipping on some gin mixed with honey, sea salt and lime while downing a dozen oysters.

The San Francisco Handshake at Hotel Delmano in Williamsburg

This place really disproves the motto that you can’t be everything to everyone. It’s a savory yet sweet place with a hint of sour thrown in to make the perfect environment.

The Criterium at Fort Defiance in Red Hook

Named for a local bike race, this bar-slash-restaurant has a local philosophy behind it that you’re sure to enjoy.

Keep Calm and Carry On at Weather Up in Prospect Heights

This is a candlelit grotto where the bar tender will know just what you need if you simply tell him the mood you happen to be in.

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